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In The Joy of Medjugugorje, Wayne Weible presents a collection of his greatest Medjugorje stories and special moments with commentary and updates. He also shares for the first time his traumatic childhood and life before Medjugorje. “I want the contents of this book to bring you to the same level…
Author Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9969616-2-2
Edition First edition: November 2017, Softcover, 303 pages
"Medjugorje and The Eucharist" marks a new direction in Wayne's writing, focusing on the intimate connection between the apparitions at Medjugorje and the Holy Eucharist. The book further explores the history of the Eucharist and its major role in the Reformation. It is filled with incredible stories of conversion through…
Author Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9850548-7-8
Edition First edition: December 2014, Softcover, 175 pages
Few books on fasting keep the reader interested beyond the first several chapters. The Medjugorje Fasting Book is the exception. Written in an easy to read format, it gives the reader solid working ways to sincerely fast in a spiritual manner. Based on the messages given at Medjugorje by the…
Author Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9820407-1-3
Edition First edition: October 2009, Softcover, 103 pages
Now in its fifth printing! "No one is a closer or more insightful observer of the incredible events surrounding Medjugorje than Wayne Weible. He has caused countless people to visit and feel the transformation of this amazing place; and who in his book The Last Apparition grants us both a…
Author Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9820407-9-9
Edition First edition: January 2013, Softcover, 256 pages
A Lost Shepherd is a modern-day prodigal son story with a very human touch. "Come and walk with a man on his journey from faith, to sin, to redemption. It is a story of the power of grace and the love of our Father and how He calls each of…
Author Michael Ripple
ISBN 978-0-9820407-3-7
Edition First edition: June 2012, Softcover, 299 pages
A powerful combination of theological explanation in a readable format, plus good spiritual fruits stories of conversion through the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje. The sole purpose of this book is to answer the basic questions and give witness to the good fruits from what has been…
Author Dr. Mark Miravalle & Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9820407-0-6
Edition First edition: August 2008, Softcover, 74 pages
(Spanish Version) Final Harvest is the most important work since publication of his first book, says author Wayne Weible. Category: Books Publisher: New Hope Press Retail price: $9.95 2-4 books: 35% - $6.47 5-9 books: 40% - $ 5.97 10 + books: 45% - $5.47
Author Wayne Weible
Edition First edition: 1999, Softcover, 326 pages
This is the Spanish edition of Wayne Weible’s Medjugorje The Message. Category: Books Retail price: $14.95 2-4 books: 35% - $9.72 5-9 books: 40% - $ 8.97 10 + books: 45% - $8.22
Author Wayne Weible
ISBN 978-0-9820407-5-1
Edition First edition

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